A Few More BOP Times Columns

Below are links to my four five most recent BOP Times columns. Those the newspaper doesn’t put online are here as PDFs, and labeled as such. And all my BOP Times columns are here.

Less Than Golden Memories, (online) 3 November 2012
Whatever else gold has given Waihi over the years, it’s certainly provided a rich seam of conflict.

Townies and Farmers at Odds, (online) 27 October 2012
The rural-urban divide will only get wider if the agriculture lobby continues to reject efforts at environmental regulation.

New Media Good News for Old, (PDF) 20 October 2012
Might blogger Keith Ng’s WINZ scoop be an example of how new and old media can work together for the good of journalism?

Crime and the Fear Factor, (online) 13 October 2012
The media’s over-emphasis on crime coverage makes us all feel less safe. 

Oil Spills Leave Lasting Stain, (online) 6 October 2012
A bit of a personal look at the Rena disaster from a committed BOP beach runner, (and deep-sea oil drilling opponent).



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