Bye Bye BOP Times

My last BOP Times column was on Saturday, and I’m rather wondering if I broke the record for shortest-ever newspaper columnist gig. (I started in July.) The reason given was cost cutting, though I know the paper is revamping both its content and its format — going tabloid, uh, compact, in March next year — so who knows. I put a lot into the columns (all of them are listed here) and learned a whole heckuva lot doing all the research, talking to lots of people. It was actually pretty cool getting to know the BOP just that little bit better. In fact, I’ve got lots of good stuff stored up that I didn’t get to use that I’ll likely put into pieces for Werewolf and elsewhere. But, meantime, summer (!!) and finishing up other writing projects, seeing The Book through publication and plotting and scheming the wee campaign roadshow, which I’ll be posting more about over the next couple of months. (All you pro-choicers out there, please stay tuned!)




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