Fighting to Choose: All the Reviews

I’ve pretty much recovered from the 2013 Prochoice Highway tour, phew! And all the reviews my book, Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand, is going to get are probably in, so FIghting to choose picI thought I’d close out  posts about the book with the complete (so far as I know) list of and links to all the reviews, starting with the most recent (and most negative), in the Listener. (Must say, I was pretty pleased to get a review there, bad or not! And, see, I am resisting  carping about it…just!)


Political Science (66) 1, 2014. (links to pdf) Reviewed by Jennifer Curtin.

January 18, 2014, Listener, (links to pdf) Reviewed by Rosemary McLeod (There were a couple of follow-up letters that took issue with Rosemary’s review.)

Redline: Contemporary Marxist Analysis. 4 December 2013. Reviewed by Daphna Whitmore

Women’s Studies Journal (NZ), 2013, 27:1. (Links to pdf) Reviewed by Linda Bryder.

October 2013, Pacific Journalism Review, 19 (2), (Links to pdf) Old Abortion Law Still Holds Sway, Reviewed by Sue Kedgley.

October 19, Otago Daily Times:  Abortion Rights Struggle Makes Compelling Read, by Elspeth McLean

September 2013:  (links to pdf) Journal of Primary Healthcare, Vol 5, No 3, Sept 2013, by Dr. Carol Shand

August 16: Online in the Nelson Mail, by Sarah Dunn.

July 2. Scoop Review of Books, by Megan Whelan

June 25. The International Socialist Organisation of Aotearoa/New Zealand, by Shomi Yoon.

May 23. At the Booksellers New Zealand Blog, by Nikki Whyte.

May 9. At Ideologically Impure, by Queen of Thorns.


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