Some More Book Reviews

A few more of my recent book reviews from here and there…

Mariano Sigman’s  The Secret Life of the Mind: How our brain thinks, feels and decides. Listener. 5 August 2017. (No link yet.)

A review of The Whole Intimate Mess: Motherhood, politics and women’s writing. Scoop Review of Books. 14 July 2017

Clive Hamilton’s Defiant Earth: The fate of humans in the AnthropoceneListener. 3 June 2017.

Roger Scruton’s On Human NatureListener. 6 May 2017.

A Q&A with Prue Hyman about her book Hopes Dashed: The economics of gender inequality. Scoop Review of Books. 24 March 2017.

A review (plus a bit of a rant) of another Freerange Press collection, this one on the news media, titled Don’t Dream It’s Over: Reimagining journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand. Scoop Review of Books. 21 February 2017.

Shortlist: Fiction in TranslationThe New York Times Book Review. 17 February 2017.

All my book reviews (well, since starting this blog) are gathered together here and here. Also, I help run Scoop Review of Books. Do let me know if you are keen to review New Zealand titles. Uh, because we’re an all volunteer outfit, I’m afraid the only payment we can offer is a review copy of the book…