End of the Highway

(x-posted from the Prochoice Highway site). After two-and-a-half months and 6,600 km, at the end of November the Prochoice Highway made it to the end of the road. Or Highway! But never fear, you can still buy all the neat books and stuff, and a special shoutout for the amaze 2014 Body Politics Calendar. Click here, meanwhile, for the final email update, No. 8 in the series! Over’n’out.

Below, signing out at the last campaign stop, Timaru!



Prochoice Highway

Busy-ness with the Prochoice Highway.  To keep track, that site is probably better than this one until the end of November. Yes, it’s the book and info tour of Aotearoa NZ which officially kicks off on 15 September. Eeeek, too soon. I haven’t even packed!

Meanwhile, I did read some more rather neat books in translation, which I reviewed for The New York Times.

Normal transmission will resume.. probably in 2014. But if you want to get regular updates from the tour, click here and sign up.

Auckland Book Launch

The Auckland launch of Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand on 24 July was rather a lot of fun, and I’m very grateful to everyone who helped make it happen, especially Linda at the Gus Fisher Gallery, Laila Harré (who gave a most generous speech!), the women of WONAAC (the Women’s National Abortion Action Campaign), ALRANZ, the Auckland Medical Aid Trust, Carole and Tanya of The Women’s Bookshop, Victoria University Press, Auckland Pro-Choice People, and of course everyone who came along. I had a seriously good time, and the collection of Double Standards were popular, with a few of the young feminists suggesting it be revived. Go for it!

The good and bad news was that we ran out of books, which was entirely my bad because I’d promised to take a supply of extras but didn’t quite have enough. Sorry Carole! But we did not run out of wine, and that’s probably more important.

Egging Me On

After campus security learned that a dozen eggs had been thrown at the Gus Fisher Gallery’s door the night before (an unprecedented occurrence so…draw your own conclusions), they posted a couple of guards outside. The best comment about the egging came from a friend in Tauranga, who’s something of an animal rights activist (besides being pro-choice of course): “I hope they were free range”, she said, followed by “what a waste”. Precisely.

Here are a couple of pix from the event, but please hop over to the Prochoice Highway site to stay up to date with the tour, which starts in September. (Same photos over there, I’m afraid. We didn’t enlist enough amateur photogs…)

Part of the display table at the Auckland launch, showing The Yellow Rabbit, and the 1980 Xmas Crossword special edition of The Double Standard.

Part of the display table at the Auckland launch, showing The Yellow Rabbit, and the 1980 Xmas Crossword special edition of The Double Standard.

Laila Harré speaking at the Auckland launch.

Laila Harré speaking at the Auckland launch.