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Abortion on the Agenda. Thanks Greens!
7 June 2014. A look at the Green Party’s Women’s Policy, and its pledge to decriminalise abortion, with some history and responses to anti-choicers thrown in for good measure.

Movies, Feminism and Post-Feminism
18 April 2014. A Q&A with scholar Bronwyn Polaschek about her book The Postfeminist Biopic: Narrating the Lives of Plath, Kahlo, Woolf and Austen. (Palgrave/Macmillan 2013.)

Ready, Set, Go: The Prochoice Highway
4 September 2013. An intro and overview of the Prochoice Highway, book and info tour, and a discussion of the ‘acceptability’ of certain public displays of cruelty: how come it’s apparently acceptable to stigmatise and shame people who have had abortions; if any other group were so cruelly targeted, wouldn’t there be a bit of an outcry?

Mother and Baby Support: A Long Time Coming
27 May 2013. After a long campaign by myriad groups, a unit for new mothers suffering post-natal depression or distress is to be set up in the North Island. Lynda Williams of the Maternity Services Community Council suspects the crucial impetus for the commitment might have been recent reports showing suicide to be the leading cause of maternal death in New Zealand.

Review (sort of) of “Who Was That Woman, Anyway? Snapshots of a Lesbian Life”,
20 May 2013. By Aorewa McLeod. Victoria University Press. 2013

UN ‘Family’ Resolution Raises Concern,
20 March 2013. There’s some disquiet about a proposed UN Human Rights Council Resolution on “Protection of the Family”, particularly around the impact it could have not just on reproductive health and rights, but on LGBTI people, indeed anyone who doesn’t fit into a “traditional family” mould.

‘Careless Driving Causing Death’,
4 March 2013. A look at the case before the courts in Wellington in which a husband has been charged with careless driving causing death after a relatively minor accident that apparently led to the death of his wife’s 31-week fetus. This was a wanted pregnancy, and the wife of the accused does not want him prosecuted. It is also something of a test case.

Truth in the Abortion Debate,
30 January 2013. Following up my earlier post (14 January 2013), looking at why the Sunday Star Times article about Right to Life’s attack on Family Planning drew such fire, and how those who claim it was biased should look a bit more closely at media coverage of anti-abortionists.

Roe Anniversary Roundup,
22 January 2013. Forty years ago, on 22 January 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in a 7-2 decision, on a case known as Roe v Wade, declaring that the U.S. Constitution protects a woman’s right to decide whether or not to continue a pregnancy to term. A round-up of some of the coverage here and there.

Defend Family Planning,
14 January 2013. Family Planning has always been vulnerable to attack from conservatives, and the attacks always come. So I suppose it’s not surprising that the new year has brought a fresh round of invective being directed at FP, this time from the anti-abortion group, Right to Life.

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