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*Note, not all the columns were put online, so some of these links are to PDFs, and are noted as such. 

Time to Stand up for the Rabble-Rousers, (online) 15 December 2012
Rather than seeing protesters as engaging in honourable activity – the kind that makes for a strong progressive democracy – we prefer to dump on them. At least until enough time has passed that their once-outrageous ideals have become commonsense realities.

MPs Foolish to Expect Privacy, (online) 8 December 2012
OK, it might not be the headline I’d have used, but having been a headline writer myself, I’ll respect the craft and just say this column is a discussion of the privacy issue, the Leveson report on the UK press and how the media ought to watch its use of the “public interest” justification for invading privacy.

It’s Time We Got a Grip on Our Country’s Destiny, (PDF) 1 December 2012
The Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks range across huge swaths of our economy, and they’re being negotiated in secret.

Unfair of ABs to Choose Kitchen Over Sportsfield, (online) 24 November 2012
For those of us not steeped in All things Black, and determined to stay that way, an AB cook book is a bridge too far. 

Name Calling Only Use Is to Attack and Divide, (PDF) 17 November 2012
One of the many contradictions at the heart of John Ansell’s Colourblind State campaign is the idea that the best way to unite us is to divide us.

Try Telling the Meanies Babies Are Our Best Asset, (online) 10 November 2012
Expanding Paid Parental Leave from 14 to 26 weeks is not an issue of affordability but of priorities.

Less Than Golden Memories, (online) 3 November 2012
Whatever else gold has given Waihi over the years, it’s certainly provided a rich seam of conflict.

Townies and Farmers at Odds, (online) 27 October 2012
The rural-urban divide will only get wider if the agriculture lobby continues to reject efforts at environmental regulation.

New Media Good News for Old, (PDF) 20 October 2012
Might blogger Keith Ng’s WINZ scoop be an example of how new and old media can work together for the good of journalism?

Crime and the Fear Factor, (online) 13 October 2012
The media’s over-emphasis on crime coverage makes us all feel less safe. 

Oil Spills Leave Lasting Stain, (online) 6 October 2012
A bit of a personal look at the Rena disaster from a committed BOP beach runner, (and deep-sea oil drilling opponent).

Best We Avoid Taking Sides, (PDF) 29 September 2012
We should have learned by now – Iraq, Afghanistan, Kim Dotcom – that it’s best to avoid getting tangled up in America’s business. So when it comes to China, let’s not take sides.

Fighting for a Fair Slice of Pie, (PDF) 22 September 2012
In the wake of the Affco dispute, which a group of iwi leaders helped settle, the CTU and iwi leaders gathered in Tauranga to join forces in the interests of ‘the downtrodden’.

Spreading the Message…, (online) 15 September 2012
It’s not just concern about evangelising that makes secularists suspicious of religious programmes in schools. 

Port ‘Flexibility’ Works One Way, (online) 8 September 2012
Port CEOs like to praise Tauranga’s can-do approach, but what about the can-do attitude of unionists in Auckland fighting for a fair contract?

Government’s ‘Trust Us’ Line Wears Thin, (online) 1 September 2012
National hasn’t shown much good faith in the current dispute over asset sales and Maori water rights.

Our Position on Rape, (online) 25 August 2012
Before we start criticising U.S. extremism on reproductive rights, we should look to our own house.

MMP Gives Voters a Real Taste for Politics, (PDF) 18 August 2012
If it weren’t for MMP, Tauranga would still be one of those ‘safe seats’ where it’s almost not worth the bother of voting.

Bay’s Brave MPs Manage a Definite Maybe, (PDF) 4 August 2012
BOP MPs are certain of one thing when it comes to marriage equality: how uncertain they are.

Gilt Complex Hangs Over Gold Mine Plans, (PDF) 28 July 2012
If gold mining is so good for Waihi, why is it still one of the poorest communities in the nation?

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