Other Writing: A Selection

An interview with Nick Davies (pdf), author of several mind-blowing book about journalism, including “Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught up With Rupert Murdoch“. Metro. May 2015

Stop the Press“. Scoop, State of the NZ News Media. 16 January 2015.
As long as there’s been a fourth estate, there have been critics. In the second reflection in Scoop’s “The State of the NZ News Media – A Public Conversation” series, I survey some of my favourites, and concludes it’s time to give up on the corporate media.

A Man and His Mana“. (PDF) The Listener. 14 June 2014.

“The Rise of the Fetal Citizen.” (PDF) Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 26 Number 2, December 2012: 17-25. ISSN 1173-6615. The journal is hosted at  www.wsanz.org.nz/

Body Politics: Abortion Rights and the Working Women’s Charter.”
“The Men of Lion Rock”
Labour History Project Newsletter, No. 52, August 2011. (Guest Editor)
Download a pdf of the Newsletter here.

“Folly of Tiger is a Warning for NZ.” The New Zealand Herald. 24 April 2010.

“Appeal Court Can’t Fix Fundamentally Flawed Abortion Law.” The New Zealand Herald. 6 May 2009.

“ ‘Maori Terror Threat’: The Dangers of the Post-9/11 Narrative”
Pacific Journalism Review, Vol. 14 (2) October 2008. pp 205-217

“Capitalism Hits Home at Journal.” The Dominion Post, 26 July 2007.

“Dialogue: Reporting the Chinese economic juggernaut and justice.”
Pacific Journalism Review, Vol. 12 (2) September 2006. pp 175-182

Freedom and Reason: Kant’s Construction of Morality.” Doctoral Dissertation, University of Colorado, 2003.

“The Relationship of Freedom and Oppression in the Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre.” Master’s thesis, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash., 1997.

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