Secret Histories of the Pacific, 11 June 2014. Review of Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face: Media, Mayhem and Human Rights in the PacificBy David Robie. Little Island Press, April 2014.

Lest We Remember, 23 April 2014
As millions of dollars are spent on World War I and the Anzacs, the 150th anniversary of the wars at home are getting short shrift.

Airbrushing the News, 18 March 2014
How the media are peddling an agenda, via stock photos.
An earlier version of this piece first appeared at The Hand Mirror feminist blog under the headline “Pregnant and Headless

Mining Below the Floorboards, 11 June 2013
An unprecedented proposal to mine underneath residential homes in Waihi raises the question: Is there anywhere it’s not OK to mine?

Fighting to Choose: An Excerpt, 1 May 2013
An edited excerpt from my book, Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand.

Toxins in the Timbers, 27 March 2013
The remarkable struggle of Joe Harawira and the Sawmill Workers Against Poisons shows it will take more than good rules to keep workers and the environment safe.

Policing Pregnancy, 27 February 2013
In the rush to protect children, are the rights of pregnant women being overlooked?

Selling the Farm, 28 November 2012
Just how much could a TPP deal to get our dairy into the United States really cost us?

When Teaching Becomes Preaching, 11 October 2012
A fresh campaign to get religious instruction out of state primary schools has reprised a very old debate.

A Broader Union, 11 October 2012
Can an iwi-trade union alliance help change the economic equation in favour of workers?

Muddied Waters, 5 September 2012
The Government has to deal with Māori claims over water. It could start by behaving more like a Treaty Partner, and showing a little good faith.

Abortion in the Dock, 5 September 2012
The Supreme Court’s recent upholding of the status quo on abortion access doesn’t fix the problems our outdated abortion laws continue to create

100 Years On, The Waihi Miners’ Strike, 1 August 2012
Waihi’s story is history in the present tense…

The Gorilla in Their Midst, 1 August 2012
Can Waihi count many blessings from the mine on its doorstep? (Part II of II)

On Shaky Ground, 27 June  2012
Waihi tries to come to terms with the mine in its midst (Part I of II)

Return of the DIY Abortion, 21 May 2012.
A hostile law, and stretched services, are pushing women onto the Internet for abortion care

On the Tauranga Waterfront, 30 April 2012.
Unpacking the casualising of how and when you work. 

Lies, Damn Lies and Opinion Polls, 29 March 2012.
Are journalists prone to being dazzled by numbers?

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